Freelance (2020 – Present)

The Stage

Swipe up: How TikTok became home to musical theatre’s rising stars


Transgender Healthcare Is at Breaking Point In This Corner of Europe


In High School Musical, Troy and Gabriella were always real villains


As someone who was adopted as a baby, I’m here to tell you that no child should be treated like an unwanted Christmas gift

Digital Spy

Sierra Capri on defying stereotypes and saying goodbye to Monse in On My Block season 4

Women’s Health Magazine

Therapy TikToks Are Spiking in Popularity – but Are They Helpful, or Harmful?

‘The Pandemic Has Isolated Me From My Queer Family’

4 LGBTQ+ Athletes on How Sport Has Become More Inclusive


My mother used our culture as an excuse for emotional abuse

Bridgerton offers us the myth of a post-racial Britain that doesn’t exist

I can’t vote in today’s election, here’s why you should

RIP Tumblr: no longer a safe haven for POC to express their sexuality

Aurelia Magazine

When our queer spaces reopen, I hope I’m surrounded by more people of colour

I reached out to my ex-best friend just to prove that I had the courage to do it

The Doe

I’ve Been a Full-Time Journalist for Just a Year: I’m Already Burned Out

Radio Times

The Investigation review: A slow-burn drama that refuses to fall into the traps of true 

The Breakdown

Seeing Grief On TV Made Me Get Bereavement Counselling

I do a full face of makeup everyday to cope with lockdown

Diva Magazine

Four queer books getting me through lockdown

Is Happiest Season’s Harper a villain or a victim?


I’m finding new ways to celebrate Chinese New Year since being estranged from family

How toxic productivity shaming and hustle culture harms our wellbeing

Should audiobooks be considered ‘real’ books? Readers weigh in

How grief can force you to grow up too fast

Why we love advice columns – and what we can learn from them

My dad and I got matching tattoos – it means so much more now he’s gone

Like Brexit, the Hong Kong protests are creating rifts within families

Shado Magazine

Seeds for change: the legacy of Robin Hood’s week long reign on Reddit

Azeema Magazine

A very different Lunar New Year

The Independent

Now we know the details, the ‘Friends’ reunion is set to be an insulting disappointment

Police have no place at future Pride marches. Queer people of colour want to feel safe


The humanisation of the Royal Family in Netflix’ The Crown

Watching I May Destroy You made me reevaluate my past sexual experiences


Mother and daughter relationships: women with complicated relationships with their mums share how they feel

CONTRIBUTION: What is Clubhouse? Who can join? And what really happens on the exclusive new social media app?


29 LGBTQ-owned businesses to support today and every day


Doctor Who is more than just a story

Period poverty is a men’s issue too, here’s why

Black Football Players Deserve Respect For More Than Just Their Talent

Meridian Magazine

The Tories Are Using The Vaccine As A Bandaid For Their Incompetence

Youth Politics

Boris Johnson is Gaslighting The British Public

Shift Work (2021 – Present)

Metro Lifestyle

All my shift work can be found on my author profile

Green Queen Magazine

All my shift work can be found on my author profile

Digital Spy

All my shift work can be found on my author profile


All my shift work can be found on my author profile


News Host Sparks Outrage Over ‘Disgusting’ Comments About Gabby Petito’s Disappearance

This Is Why You Should Never Have A Hot Coffee When You Wake Up

Viewers Of Netflix’s Squid Game Left ‘Confused’ By ‘Unfinished’ Ending

Sex Education Fans Are Just Realising Where They’ve Seen Dex Before

Fans With Disabilities Are Praising Sex Education’s Approach To Disability And Sex

Sex Education Fans Left Red-Faced By ‘Wild’ Opening Scene

Locke & Key: First look At Season 2 Trailer

Pink News


Trans councilwoman bravely confronts Star Wars store owner over vile transphobic sign

LGBT+ activists beaten, threatened with stoning and driven out of town

Tom Daley shares empowering message for LGBT+ youth as he returns home to hero’s welcome

Olympics commentator suspended for hurling homophobic, misogynistic insults at athletes

Drag Race star Jan admits she and RuPaul ‘weren’t on the same page’

Filipino actor Raymond Gutierrez comes out as gay: ‘It’s never too late to love yourself’

Indian trans woman shares joy at finally gaining legal recognition: ‘I can claim my identity’

Britney Spears’ doctors back call for father to be removed from conservatorship

Uber apologises after trans woman ‘outed’ by app and misgendered by drivers

Gay couple savagely beaten and hospitalised by gang of thugs in Spanish queer hotspot


Dumped Love Island star Georgia thinks show ‘would have been easier’ if she was bisexual

Fantastic Beasts star says it was ‘important’ to distance herself from JK Rowling’s trans views

Film & TV

Elliot Page ‘honoured’ to receive prestigious award for his courageous LGBT+ advocacy

Mark Wahlberg shares parents of LGBT kids’ powerful, heartfelt responses to new film Joe Bell

Hollyoaks star Adam Woodward issues grovelling apology after laughing at trans people’s expense


Will Young claims he ‘was asked to kiss George Michael’ for salacious BRITs performance

Lil Nas X, the hero we need but don’t deserve, raises tens of thousands for incarcerated Americans

Sex, sequins and rock and roll: 11 unashamedly queer moments from David Bowie


Tom Daley shows off impressive hand-knitted cardigan and raises thousands for touching cause

Olympics committee praises Laurel Hubbard’s ‘courage and tenacity’ ahead of Tokyo debut

Author expertly explains why Tom Daley saying he’s a proud gay Olympian is ‘necessary’, actually



Man spotted in his underwear on footbridge on the day mum of 2 was murdered in Greenford

20-year-old jailed after man stabbed in head with machete in his own home


The Londoner making blankets for homeless people out of empty crisp packets

Beauty & Fashion

Who is Harris Reed? Harry Styles’ favourite London designer

I tested the £9.99 miracle product which promised me the hair of my dreams

Food & Drink

I rated London’s best bubble teas and some of them almost made me gag

Find other pieces on my author profile

Student Media (2016 – 2020)

London Student

Postgraduates forced out of UCL accommodation

#BlackLivesMatter London Protest: Sunday June 7

Student staff at Queen Mary fight for access to furlough scheme

Katie Hopkins event cancelled after student backlash at Royal Holloway

Revealed: New campus smoking ban ineffective, says UCL students

The Orbital

Sexism storm surrounds Royal Holloway principal

UCU Strikes: Week One

A year on from #metoo

Crazy rich representation

Debrief with Renee Landell

Debrief with Rebecca Wilson


Not a friendly ghost

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