A Colourful History

The LGBTQ+ Movement is primarily assosciated with its infamous symbol: the rainbow flag. The flag is showcased a symbol of gay pride for LGBT+ marches worldwide, with the numerous colours used to reflect the amazing diversity of the community. Over the years, there have been other flags devised to represent specific people within the LGBTQ+…… Continue reading A Colourful History

The Atlantic Discovery

Michele Theil writes about one team’s ambition to row across the Atlantic. Royal Holloway Alumni Benjamin Ajayi-Obe, Issac Kenyon and Jack Hopkins achieved their goal to set the world record for continuous rowing on an indoor rowing machine, also called an ergo. This took place in Founders Square from Friday Jan 12 until Sunday Jan…… Continue reading The Atlantic Discovery

Debrief: Rebecca Wilson

Michele Theil talks to Royal Holloway alumna, Rebecca Wilson about her work as an acitvist and founder of homelessness charity, Four Walls. Speaking to Rebecca Wilson, a RHUL alumni who has taken the heartwarming decision to start her charity for homelessness, was a great pleasure of mine. We discussed her charitable pursuits, her personal motivations…… Continue reading Debrief: Rebecca Wilson

Period Poverty

There is a prevalent problem in today’s society that isn’t being talked about enough: period poverty. Period poverty is when a menstruating woman is too poor to afford sanitary products like pads or tampons. Period poverty is happening right here right now, in low-income households all over the UK. Many girls as young as nine…… Continue reading Period Poverty

Make Up Your Time

Is makeup too ingrained in our culture? Should its use be limited? Michele Theil examines its impact on young people. Makeup has been a fun and longstanding tool for people to create a brand-new outlook for themselves to present to the world. Personally, I find it useful to cover the lingering effects of that morning’s…… Continue reading Make Up Your Time

Silent Until Now

Michele Theil reviews BBC Three’s new documentary, entitled ‘Male Rape: Breaking The Silence’. Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault Rape is despicable. That is a statement that can’t ever be disputed. In the wake of allegations against such high-profile people like Harvey Wienstein, Louis C.K and Kevin Spacey and the widely-popular #metoo campaign, there are more people…… Continue reading Silent Until Now

Rowling with the Punches

The Harry Potter series took the world by-storm when the first book was released in 1997. It has since spawned eight films, plenty of merchandise, online fan communities, a highly successful West End play and JK Rowling’s spin-off franchise: Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them. The first film of the franchise was released in…… Continue reading Rowling with the Punches